Theatre for Empowerment and Social Change

Arts Related Learning

Arts Related Learning at Thalia Encompasses:

Physical Fitness & Exercise - Aerobics, Yoga\Pilates, Team games, Ball activities: - Improving physical and mental health, strength, stamina, co-ordination, posture, breathing, awareness of diet and healthy eating (cooking and preparing meals), team work skills.

Physical Theatre - Using the body rather than the spoken word to communicate ideas.

Devising & Making Theatre - Creating social and issue based theatre using original ideas.

Performance - Taking part in events, festivals and performances for the general public.

Drama - Drama games, Mime, Characterisation, Improvisation.

Puppetry & Mask Work - Creating and performing.

Dance - All styles and genres, e.g. Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Modern, Traditional and cultural dances, Choreography and Performance.
Music - All styles, genres and cultural traditions, Composing, Performing, Listening, Appreciation, Music history and Music technology.
Visual Art - Photography, Sculpture, Painting, Drawing, Craft, Collage, Textiles, Art history, Appreciation, Exhibiting our work.

Poetry and Storytelling - All genres, Writing, Speaking and listening.

Vocal Work - Vocal exercises, Singing.

Project work\Research - Library visits, Internet research, Exploring specific topics.

Media Studies - Group discussion and debate, Exploring current issues.
Community based activities - Using community facilities, Educational visits to museums, art galleries, day trips, socialising - occasional meetings on evenings and weekends for meals out, bowling, theatre and cinema.   
Monitoring & Evaluating Learning - Thalia members set their own learning goals and targets.

Overall Outcome: Our Key focus is to use the ‘Arts’ as a tool to provide people with Transferable Skills appropriate to the Workplace and to support independence for a rich, full life as valued members of the community.